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Discord Bot

Our bot is configured with specific parameters to guarantee read-only access. It has the capability to collect data and attentively listen to events within channels where it holds the necessary permissions. The bot allows Helika to drive deep insights regarding your community. These insights include retention rates, engagement tracking, sentiment analysis, and much more.

Read Only: A read-only Discord bot is designed to observe and retrieve information from Discord servers without the ability to modify or interact with the server's content. This type of bot is programmed to access and display data, such as server statistics, user activity, or specific information, but it doesn't have the capability to make changes, send messages, or perform other actions that would alter the server's state. Essentially, it functions as an observer, offering insights and information without any active participation or engagement in the server's activities.

Data Collection: A Discord bot collects data through the Discord API, which allows it to interact with the Discord platform programmatically. Here's a general overview of how a Discord bot might collect data

Event Listening: The bot listens to various events emitted by the Discord servers. These events include messages, user joins, user leaves, reactions, and more.

Installation takes a few minutes and does not require any specific technical knowledge.