On-Chain Analytics

On-Chain Analytics Products designed to provide insightful data-driven solutions for your needs.

My Ecosystem


⭐️ Understand the size of your community & discover trends in NFT ownership.
⭐️ Explore your holder sentiment based on their on-chain interactions.
⭐️ Measure the effectiveness of holder acquisition campaigns and growth strategies.
⭐️ Understand holders based on wallet segmentation.

Holder's Insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your collection's performance by analyzing insights about your holders. Identify trends, behaviors, and key performance indicators that drive your collection's success.

Financial Health

Delve into the financial performance and status of your collections by exploring transaction data, sales volume, royalties, marketplace activity, and wallet-level details. Additionally, uncover Helika-specific metrics like entry price and royalties lost, providing valuable insights into your collection's financial well-being.


The Tokenomics dashboard provides a holistic view into the multifaceted world of blockchain standard token contracts. Designed for clarity and efficiency, it captures key metrics and activities associated with ERC-20 tokens, offering stakeholders a comprehensive lens into the performance, usage, and dynamics of these blockchain assets.

From granular transaction data to overarching market trends, this dashboard integrates a myriad of data points, ensuring users have the information they need at their fingertips. Whether you're a developer monitoring your token's health, an investor seeking actionable insights, or a researcher delving into tokenomics, our dashboard offers an unparalleled depth of analysis, making it an indispensable tool in the rapidly-evolving realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Use Cases

Investors: By accessing detailed metrics such as market capitalization, daily price trends, and liquidity pool breakdowns, investors can make informed decisions about their holdings or potential investments in the ERC-20 token.

Token Developers & Game/Market Economists: Monitoring the daily volume, token mint/burn rate, and top liquidity providers helps developers assess the health and popularity of their token, allowing them to iterate or adjust as necessary.Comprehensive analytics like the daily swap volume, token transfers, and pool balances enable market economists to derive insights, predict trends, and formulate market strategies.

Blockchain Analysts: With a full overview of the token's activity, from its circulation to its active wallets, analysts can keep a pulse on the token's ecosystem and engage more confidently.

Custom Extracts

Customize your data analysis with ease by accessing readily available data extracts containing core metrics found in the My Ecosystem modules. Extract and manipulate data effortlessly to suit your specific analytical needs.

Competitive Intelligence

Overlap Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience by exploring the assets held by your contract's holders. Identify top assets held, inflows, and outflows of trading activity for a specific contract, helping you make informed decisions about your target audience.

Comparative Analytics

Compare the performance of two different contracts side by side. Utilize a cross-chain view of core metrics found in the My Ecosystem product to make data-driven comparisons between contracts, ensuring you have the necessary insights to excel in a competitive market.


⭐️ Comparative Analysis: Detailed comparative analysis between a specific game and the aggregated data from all games being monitored.

⭐️ Measure Game Performance: Navigate through crucial KPIs like unique users, session time, player retention, and stickiness to measure game performance against industry averages and unlock actionable insights.

  • Analyze NFTs owned per holder to uncover the asset ownership trend of Top 1% vs Top 10%.
  • Identify months that drive excellent holder retention rates to replicate winning strategies.
  • Correlate spikes in new holders to uncover strategies that lead to effective holder acquisition.
  • Compare purchase price trends across wallet segments to guide specific product offerings.