Marketing Tech

Know where your customer base comes from, goes and how to keep them.

Referral Tool

Performance marketing with deep funnel attribution to ensure you're only paying for users that matter to you. Features include the ability to distribute any type of reward including ERC 20/721/1155, or even in-game experiences from our tool where the qualifying criteria for success are totally customizable based on on-chain, off-chain, and social events.


⭐ Set up on-chain referral programs and provide rewards based on performance.

⭐ Track the ROI of your referral and influencer channels to validate your marketing spend.

⭐ Customize the success criteria of your campaigns based on any combination of social, on-chain or in-game actions.

Use Cases

Activate influencers, community members, affiliates, partners, streamers, and more.
Programmatically distribute rewards for performance.
Target minting behavior & gameplay.


Understand where your users are coming from no matter the source, to identify top performing channels & content.


⭐ Building the "Golden Cohort" to optimize your ad spend and drive the right community to you.

⭐ Track the ROI of your marketing channels with fingerprinting and caching.

⭐ Integrate on-chain actions for full deep-funnel attribution, which isn’t provided by Web2 solutions.

Use Cases

Measure the ROI and in-game performance of users by source.
Identify top performing channels and content.
Scale paid advertising campaigns with deep funnel attribution enriched with Web3 data.

Demand Generation

Buy high quality traffic at scale with minimal friction.


⭐Efficiency: Buy from multiple ad sources through Helika, streamlining the media buying process. Simply provide creative, targeting criteria, and budget and Helika handles the rest.

⭐Cost Effectiveness: Programmatic buying & precise targeting reduce wasted ad spend and increase the overall efficiency of advertising budgets.

⭐Targeting Capabilities: Optimized targeting for best pricing, location, and audience segments across different mediums.

⭐Scalability: Scale campaigns programmatically in real time based on

Use Cases

Bid Real time bidding
Target Precise Targeting & Retargeting