Event Types

Below is a sample list of common event types captured in-game integrations. While the most common events are displayed, Helika can integrate and collect any event type.

Business Events:

  • Purchase
  • Status
  • Order ID
  • Line Item Price
  • Total Price
  • Merchant Name
  • Confirm Transaction

Progression Events

Session StartThis indicates the initiation of a user session, marking the beginning of an interaction or gameplay session.
Session IDA unique identifier assigned to a user session. This ID is used to track and manage the session throughout its lifecycle.
Join Match QueueThis suggests a request or action to join a matchmaking queue, indicating the user's intent to participate in a multiplayer match.
Match IDA unique identifier for a specific game match. It helps in tracking and referencing individual matches within the system.
Stage NameThis may refer to a specific level, area, or stage within a game. It could be relevant during gameplay or when recording and analyzing user progress.
Wallet ConnectedIndicates that a user's digital wallet is successfully connected or authenticated within the system. This could be relevant for in-game transactions or other interactions involving virtual currencies.
Wallet AddressThe unique address associated with a user's digital wallet. Used for handling transactions, rewards, or any other interactions involving the user's digital assets.

Resource Events

  • Equipment
  • Chest Claims
  • Item ID

Design Events

  • Select Filter
  • Leaderboard
  • Audio Setting

Impression Events

  • Campaign ID
  • Optimization Goal