Helika Explore


Helika Explore is a data querying tool for power users in the Analytics section, that allows users to:

  • Write, run, save and export custom SQL queries
  • Visualize the output of the query in a custom graph
  • Use these custom graphs to create dashboards that are shared with the whole team


⭐️ Get a hands on experience analyzing data
⭐️ Be fast by running a quick ad-hoc query right when you need it
⭐️ Be flexible by adjusting your query on the go, when you need a slightly different result
⭐️ Experiment with the best way to visualize the results
⭐️ Share the most up-to-date results with the team

Helika Explore Sections

SQL Explorer

  1. Schemas - find the right property in the list of all available tables
  2. SQL Window - write your own query and run it
  3. Output window - see the results of your query
  4. Manage queries - open, save or clear the query in the SQL Window

Visual Designer

  1. Visual Setup - choose parameters for the current visual
  2. Preview Window - see the result of the visual
  3. Data preview - see the data you are visualizing or have a look and the original SQL query
  4. Manage the visuals - open, save or clear the visual in the Preview Window

Dashboard Builder

  1. Dashboard canvas - choose visuals for each block (blocks can be added from section 2), resize and move around blocks, build your own custom dashboard
  2. Manage dashboard - add blocks, open, save or publish the dashboard. Published dashboards will appear in the left menu in the CUSTOM section, accessible by your whole organization